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The machine accept any shape of metal: Grain, Bars, Casing Tree, Bangle, Etc up to 10 Kg per batch. Thanks to the Yasui no Stopper rod crucible design.

Controllable Precisely Direct Mixing in Crucible can be achieve constant result with minimum Segregation.

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Produce shots of uniform and constant size, which gives precise homogeneous metal mix in trees.

Water Tank with full visibility for better performance.

Computerized Precise Control for all functions. New Standard for YASUI products.

VSM – Vacuum Shot Maker DR10: Dreams Come True…

Excellence in Mixing, Exactness in Karatage

Advantages of VSM (Vacuum Shot Maker DR10)

  • Stopper free crucible
  • Direct mixing with protection gas
  • Visible water tank
  • Crucible accepts metal in any form –tree – grains- bar
  • Constant size of grains
  • Computerized control system
  • Good segregation of gold and alloys
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Help to remove the impurity from used metal
VSM – Vacuum Shot Maker DR10