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Pursue the highest quality with easier and faster operation

Best Quality

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Integration of YASUI technology produced the KT18S.
Even in a tiny screw, you can see it.
For the last 27 years, YASUI has produced Jewellery making machinery, sincerely pursuing the better jewellery
manufacturing. Our attention was paid every part including even a piece of screw, during these five years of
KT18S development. "For the best casting performance", "With easier operation", and "With faster operation"
YASUI KT18S will contribute to improved casting performance with higher quality and better efficiency.

Experience the improved quality, efficiency and safety with YASUI casting machine

Usability and Safety for efficient production is our commitment

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With colored display of parameters, casting conditions can be noted at once.

PC data management

Wide colored panel is capable of showing various types of parameters at once. You will be able to catch casting information at a glance and quickly after the parameters as well. Improved visibility will contribute to prevention of mistakes in settings and better production efficiency.

Colored display on the operational panel for better visibility

Standard specification includes Ethernet port which enables casting data to be saved in a PC. New features including casting result sheet, data viewer, etc. is also available

Memorized casting parameter setting by one-touch operation

Casting conditions can be memorized per metal or design. By using registered settings, any operator can perform castings with the optimum settings without requiring so much experience and expertise as skilled operators.

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Automatic checking by sensors

Alarming function prevents incorrect operations

Air-locking system prevents explosion

Air pressure is the key function.
Chamber locking function utilizes air pressure system. In case any excessive pressure is applied in the chamber, it will be reduced by safety locking mechanism preventing explosions.

On the color panel, alarm is displayed notifying incorrect operation, in case, for instance, operator did not follow the procedure correctly or machine problem is detected. This function prevents the wrong casting process to proceed further, which will eventually saves the machine or casting results from damages.

Sensors in the KT18S automatically diagnose at the time of maintenance, displaying the results on the color panel. Much of the maintenance time can be reduced thanks to the system.

Automatic checking by sensors

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Automatic checking by sensors

Amazing quality realized only by YASUI

No oxygen casting is enabled by filling both meting and flask chambers with inert gas. Ideal casting results can be achieved even when difficult designs are used.

Precise temperature control homogenizes the distribution of temperature inside the crucible to constantly provide optimum casting temperature.

Advance single gas system

Improved vacuum effect has realized better single gas casting

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Reliable system that precisely fills even a very thin prong

With KT18S, extremely elaborate design can be cast through the vacuum pressure system and high-vacuum / no oxygen casting system. Stone casting for which perfection is more critical than other casting styles, can be performed with reliability. By the low temperature casting of KT18S, excellent stone casting result can be expected without losing brightness in the stone.

Customized parameters per metal design can be saved as data which can be altered according to each casting result in pursuit of efficient improvement in castings.

Cycle casting is a new feature that enables a casting cycle to start while its previous casting is in process. This feature reduces total time consumed for performing multiple numbers of castings. Compared to our previous KT machines, the KT18S can reduce required casting time by 25% - 50% which eventually leads to cost reduction.

Stone casting with YASUI with precision, quality
and reliability

Experience the outstandingly improved
production speed

Revision of casting data leads to improvement

KT18 – Vacuum pressure casting machine

Experience the improved quality with Yasui casting machine.

KT18 – Vacuum pressure casting machine

Altima is the first and only computerized smart wax production system in the world!

  • No oxidation – complete protective system
  • Good filling
  • Smooth surface
  • Good casting with thin and filigree design and heavy
  • Better ductility
  • Controlled gold loss
  • Cycle casting with hopper for metal supply
  • After mode with out oxidation
  • Data controlled
  • Safe – Quality and Quantity production
  • Self diagnosis
  • De – gas – with good filling pieces
KT18S Vacuum pressure casting machine