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Touch Display for User Friendly

Overheat Protection Device Safety for Stones in Flask

Small Door for Less Heat Loss

Recovering After Power Failure

Overheat Protection Device Safety for Stones in Flask

After Burner for Environment / No Smell

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YASUI RBF series distributes the heat uniformly due to the minimum difference of the temperature between the heater and the chamber itself as well as due to the displacement of natural air caused by the rotation of both plates. By this technology, all the flasks are heated at the same temperature wherever the flask is placed inside the chamber.

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The result of casting is a result of multiply by each process.

The result of casting is a result of multiply by each process. Not only the advanced casting machine will produces a fine quality in casting but also other allied equipment such as burnout furnace is playing the important role in casting. YASUI ROTATING BURNOUT SERIES will ensure to have this important process in a precise matter of both final flask temperature for casting as well as for making the clean burnout in order to have fine casting in any lost wax , resin casting.

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Temperature Tracking System and Monitoring

Able to monitor your actual temperature transition.

RBF 37 – Rotating Burnout Furnace

Only clean and uniform burnout, leads to the best casting


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    Advantages of RBF37

    Yasui RBF37 is our new solution for lost wax flask burnout process!

    • Uniform heating with minimum difference of temperature
    • Equal flask temperature distribution
    • Watch the exact temperature with the trace function
    • Touch display for easy setting and operation
    • Flask calling system -Set position – no need to open the door and check the flask .
    • Recovering after electrical power failure
    • Over heating protection safety
    • Small door for less heat loss when open
    • After-burner for environment and no smell
    • New after-burner with longer life
    • Good clean burnout for investment flask
    • Carbon free flask with good burnout cycle
    • Good controlled temperature for wax setting
    • Dewaxing during burnout
    Rotating Burnout Furnace