Rotating Burnout Furnace


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Our RBF-Rotating Burnout Furnace distributes the heat uniformly due to the minimal difference of temperature between the heater surface and the chamber as well as due to the displacement of air caused by the rotation. In this way, all the flasks are heated at the same temperature regardless of distance from the heating coil.

When your burnout furnace is at the temperature of 650 degrees centigrade, open the door and look at the color of the heating coils. If they are orange/red, the temperature is far greater than the indicated temperature. Therefore, the part of the flask which faces the coil can get badly overheated & the flasks which are near the coils are at higher temperature than the other flasks.

As the door is not wide like normal burnout furnaces, the heat lost is much less and that temperature does not fall much.


Variable Power Heating

One burnout cycle can be programmed in 8 steps. Optimum heating power is automatically calculated and applied corresponding to each temperature zone, so that PRECISE TEMP. CONTROL IS ACHIEVED. Low power is for the beginning steps and higher power for the ending steps. Such a careful control has been developed for preventing flasks from the possible overheat at each step.

Platinum Flask

The RBF19 can reach temperature upto 950 centigrade and is ideal for casters who cast both gold & platinum.

Easy-To-Access Control Panel

Various information is obtained from the control panel, such as present step no., present burning out temperature inside the furnace etc.


Burnout cycle will perfectly proceed by the preset time. For instance, if you plan to start CASTING AT 9:00 AM next day, flasks would be ready at 9:00 AM by presetting time today. Maximum preset time is 9 days 23 hours 50 minutes.

Program Memory

20 kinds of different burnout cycles can be memorized on the controller.

Overheat Protection Device Safety For Stones In Flask

The value of precious stones inside the furnace is beyond comparison with the value of the furnace. RBF19's overheat protection device on the front panel can prevent the precious stones safely from overheating. Should the temperature exceed the setting value, the power is immediately shut off.

Measures For Power Failure

On power failure during burnout cycle time under automatic burnout mode, present burnout STEP is memorized. And when power is recovered, the burnout cycle can be automatically restored and started from the step number where power failure occurred.

RBF 19 – Rotating Burnout Furnace

Clean Burnout, Precise Control and Ecological Design

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    Advantages of RBF19

    It is NOT ONLY an Advanced Casting Machine which produces a good quality castings, but also the other allied equipment used in the lost wax Casting process that contribute towards the result of the castings. The burnout furnace is a very important piece of equipment in any casting house. It is of utmost importance to have accurate temperature uniformly distributed throughout the entire chamber in order to get consistent results.Consider the following points and decide whether your existing burnout furnace is adequate for you:

    • Uniform heat distribution with all the flask
    • Clean burn out for all the investment flask
    • Carbon free investment flask with good burnout cycle
    • User friendly operation and stable good result
    • Minimal heat loss while opening the door
    • Can do platinum casting with 950 deg flask temperature
    • Delay timer
    • 4 – Program memory for different metal casting
    • Over heat protection
    • Recover from power failure
    • No smell – less smoke – have after burner
    • Dewaxing during burnout
    • New after-burner with longer life
    RBF 19 - Rotating Burnout Furnace