For even large-sized model barreling can be performed in one go!


Very small burrs are removed and beveling is made slightly. When the magnetic barrel media are repeatedly subjected to the large kinetic tumbling energy in the stronf alternating magnetic field, they smooth the work piece surface effectively by numerous collisions.

These Electromagnetic Tumbler finishing machines are used for finishing small material and non-metallic parts.

Work pieces and magnetic media are put in a machine.

The tumbling motion by a strong alternating magnetic field induced electrically makes the work pieces surface shiny in a short time.

The work pieces regardless of their number, receive the same uniform finish. Even work pieces with complicated shapes can be finished uniformly to get the same glossy surface.


Speed and rotation patterns adjustable in accordance with design and desired finish.

Four process patterns can be selected depending on the material and design.



Silver bangle barreled for approximately 5 minutes.


Electromagnetic Tumbler EM7

Strong Point of “Electromagnetic Tumbler”

✔ Reduce 'Time (=Cost)' (10 ~ 15 minutes minutes) -> Improve 'Productivity'

✔ Hammering the surface by pin media  -> Make the surface strong

✔ Can polish & clean inside of cylinder design & small space

✔ Minimize material 'Loss' by Hand‐Polish with 3D Tumbling Barrel -> improve 9% ~ 11% to less than 5% 

✔ Help to clean the investment powder on the casting 

✔ Help to remove the oxidized casting surface

✔ No POISON -> can switch from 'Electro‐polishing with cyanide' 

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    Electromagnetic Tumbler EM7