Yasui:The Gold Standard in fine Casting

altima1Altima is the first and only computerized smart wax production system in the world! ALTIMA provides a drastic improvmenet of your production.Learn More
primeAchieve BEST WAX by the same way as your D-VWIS system by YASUI!Learn More
Av4 Auto VulcanizerProduction of higher quality mode now made easy with the AV4 auto vulcanizer!Learn More
Electromagnetic Tumbler  EM7For even large-sized model barreling can be performed in one go!Learn More

Casting Machines

K2 Next Casting MachineK3 UP vacuum pressure machine by YASUI is your next machine to create Quality.Learn More
K2 Next Casting MachineVacuum Pressure Casting Machine that Creates Quality!Learn More
KT18S Casting MachineVacuum pressure casting machine that lets you experience the improved quality with Yasui casting machine!Learn More
Vacuum Centrifugal Casting MachineVacuum Centrifugal Casting Machine for Platinum For the Best Casting of PlatinumLearn More
VSM Vacuum Shot MakerShot-making gives big impact to latter process including casting result and recycling.!Learn More