FAQ – Yasui

Yasui has its own history of continuous support to clients anywhere & anytime around the world. On the other hand, our support team is always ready to help/answer any question you may require.

Actually, it depends on how clean is your metal & if you are casting with 99.999% Pure Inert Gas. For more clarification, please refer to Yasui Process/Technical Managers.

We have different types of machines with different capacity. Please check the specification on our catalog!

Platinum, palladium, Gold, Silver, Brass, Stainless Steel & White gold palladium for normal machines.

We recommend to have grains before casting to ensure all the impurities are removed totally from the Metal casted & to have 100% homogenous quality. On the other hand, we can do direct casting.

Yasui can provide the production support system to monitor & collect data.
Finally you can analyze the data by daily , weekly , monthly & yearly to improve the cost.

Of course, depending on each designs, rubber molds & how good is your master. For more infomration, please refer to the nearest Yasui offices as shown in our Map!

For normal Yasui standard casting machine its 3 minutes for melting & we recommend additional 3 minutes for casting process & cooling time. We do have higher level of casting machine KT18 for high production which takes approx. 20 flasks/hour.

Nowadays everyone needs light weight of Gold/Silver because gold price is getting higher day-by-day!! Plus you can get the weight accuracy with the stability.

Normally Yasui Surface & Casting quality is very good, it helps for production speed without additional labor cost!