We are pleased to inform that the below parts of related machines will be discontinued from 1st of December 2013 as all the machines passed over 10 years since we stopped selling. Kindly take a look at the list of discontinued parts.

TypeModelLot No.MachineParts
Wax InjectorACall seriesN/AN/A
PCall seriesN/AN/A
VWIall seriesN/AN/A
L~RN/ASome parts are available
Casting MachineKT15, 16, 17all seriesN/AN/A
EN/ASome parts are available
EN/ASome parts are available
Mini Kall seriesN/AN/A
K4Aall seriesN/AN/A
VulcanizerAVFirst modelN/AN/A

Regarding the parts, we have some items in stock now, however after running out of stock, we cannot supply anymore.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Get in Touch with us.