Yasui:The Gold Standard in fine Casting

altima1Altima is the first and only computerized smart wax production system in the world! ALTIMA provides a drastic improvmenet of your production.Learn More

Rotating Burnout Furnaces

Rotating Burnout Furnace MachineRBF37 Rotating Burnout Furnace is the new solution for lost wax flask burnout process!Learn More
Rotating Burnout Furnace MachineRBF13 Rotating Burnout Furnace has Clean Burnout, Precise Control and Ecological Design!Learn More

Casting Machines

K2 Next Casting MachineK3S is the Best Quality Casting in Economical Price for Smaller Producer!Learn More
KT18S Casting MachineVacuum pressure casting machine that lets you experience the improved quality with Yasui casting machine!Learn More
Vacuum Centrifugal Casting MachineVacuum Centrifugal Casting Machine for Platinum For the Best Casting of PlatinumLearn More