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With over 32,000 machines sold and counting 800+ Sales Per Week! , Yasui is the right choice for you! Simply put, its the most trusted We Love Our Users! casting machine provider on the market.

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We Are Dedicated To Our Users & Product

With over 32,000 Users and counting 800+ Sales Per Week! , Yasui is the right choice for you! Simply put, its the most complete and trusted We Love Our Users! company on the market.

Since 1980, when started designing and manufacturing high quality casting systems, YASUI & CO. have helped tremendous success in jewelry casting industry.

With years of experiences, our innovative casting systems bring a rapid progress for improving quality. Also, casting companies who seek to increase competitiveness enjoy successful business with our productive systems.

As a leading casting solution provider, we keep supplying a wide variety of products to ensure leadership in the marketplace that is so necessary for survival in today’s mega competition.

Shozui Yasui – CEO

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Increase your Productivity

Using YASUI machines will increase productivity tremendously without extending the space. The manpower of reworking can be shifted to more productive job.

  • High Productivity: Increase productivity tremendously
  • High Realization: Cast your design precisely
  • High Reliability: Numerical parameter enables an operator to reproduce casts easily


Yasui is the leader in casting machines system!

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